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America's Most Elite Dogs

Sniffing For Bombs: Meet America's Most Elite, Our Soldier Dogs

April 21, 2013 4:00 PM

Lara Logan gets a rare look into the secretive world of WMDs, working military dogs, -- some of whose capabilities are military secrets -- and their handlers. I was training handler/K9 teams at a search and rescue conference when CBS first aired this and so didn't get to see it until later. If you have not yet seen it, please do not miss the opportunity to view this report and please share it with others! We at Dogology send a tremendous thank you to all the military trainers, soldier handlers, and canine soldiers who live and die on behalf of our country...we can never forget your dedication and sacrifice.

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Comfort Dogs: The Calm After the Storm

1st May | posted by Delinda VanneBrightyn | in News Flash!

Dogs trained by Lutheran Church Charities are in Oklahoma to soothe victims of the tornado. CNN's Gary Tuchman reports. Tim Hetzner trains these dogs to comfort and heal victims through their unconditional love...

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English Study Into Dog's Ability to Sniff Out Breast Cancer

The BBC brings you this news report on research being done by a charity in England on dogs detecting cancer. While the primary research began with dogs detecting bladder and prostrate cancer, the research has now moved to training for breast cancer.

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