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Intention in training Learn how intention is a powerful training tool.

Delinda VanneBrightyn helps you hone your own focus while training to speed your results.

Starting Off RightOver the next three months, Dogology looks at choosing the right dog for you and your family.

From what to look for in a breeder to what to look for when you walk into a shelter or rescue, Dogology will get you started right in selecting your next best furry friend!

Are Health Certifications Important?Alexander Sternhagen talks about and explains Health Certifications for your dog.

Why and when are they improtant? Who should get certifications? How are they useful? Alexander answers these questions and takes the mystery out of health certifications for your dog.

Chemical or Surgical Castration? A vet reveiws the pros and cons.

Find out more about Zeuterin from our vet expert and how it measures up to traditional, surgical castration.