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Chance: Delinda's deep knowledge of canine behavior and her powerful love of dogs drive a training experience that is second to none. I'm raising my fourth Chesapeake, Chance, and working with Delinda has transformed my entire approach and relationship to this strong-minded puppy. I have been empowered in ways I never thought possible. There seems to be no problem beyond Delinda's ability and willingness to solve. She is completely responsive and supportive every step of the way." - Paula Bernett

S am: I acquired a beautiful German Shepherd puppy, Sam, at 4 months old, that unbeknownst to me had not been well socialized to that point. Additionally, our circumstances were such that we moved shortly after acquiring him, changing his entire environment. As he grew he became increasingly a fearful dog that bit and "herded" our guests. He snapped at people on trails and in public situations. In tears more than once, I thought I would need to send him back to his breeder, that we could not handle him; that he was "dangerous".

With Delinda's training and guidance on handling and training techniques, he is a new dog. Now our guests enjoy petting him, and many have remarked at his transformation. He is now my most gentle and calm dog." - Irene Niemeier

Paloma: Delinda guided me to learn to be confident and effective with an exceptionally challenging dog whereas I started out quite ignorant. It was surprisingly hard work at times but the reward is a dog that is obedient and very well adjusted in our usual circumstances - and a dog-owner who is better prepared to anticipate and avoid problem situations." - Dwarka Bonner

Chewy: Without Delinda, Chewy would not be a sane member of society. Delinda said that Chewy may always be difficult, but he's a different dog because of Delinda. I can leave Chewy off leash when people are in the house now and I can control him whenever he is on leash. He actually has 3 or 4 human friends who can pet him now. I still hope that one day, he'll allow everyone to see how loveable he is. But, for now, I am grateful that his life (and ours) is much better.

Delinda is truly a dog whisperer! I can't wait to train my next puppy from the beginning! I can never thank Delinda enough." - Cappy Cagan

Ramen: Delinda’s Dog Behavior classes are painless and fun, and incredibly interesting. My nervous dog and I were able to get our act together with Delinda’s coaching. It turns out it’s not so difficult to learn the basics on walking, simple obedience, and all the easy things you can do to make your dog secure and well-behaved. Meeting in a group with other people and their dogs is helpful, and funny, and you can really see progress right away." - Katherine Hall

Prasad: We've come so far with just minimal sessions and advice from Delinda. I can't say how grateful I am, nor count how many people I've advised to get into Delinda's classes!

I went to Columbine Campground yesterday, taking Prasad along, to join some friends from Albuquerque. I remember being there with Prasad about this time last year. Prasad was an entirely different dog then. He was hyper, nervous, very active even when nothing was going on, and not easy to be with, taking a great deal of my attention. Yesterday, he was not nervous when greeting my friends, did well on leash on the trail, including some dunks in the stream as he loves to do, and was really relaxed when we got to the campsite where we spent about 5 hours. I kept him on a lead so there would be no chance for him to "greet" a passersby. He spent those hours watching chipmunks and squirrels, interacting occasionally with me and my friends, and just being calm and delightful. My friends really noticed how easy he was to be with, compared to earlier times." - Janie Corinne

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