Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Whistle Ball

Play Time! Your dog can listen and track the ball as it flies through the air....

This ball will fit into a Chuck-it Launcher and is also Wood Chuck compatible, which is a great addition to the product. We love the color, but the double bonus glows in the dark! Please note, material like this must be exposed to light if you want the glow to go by night.

The ball has a minty scent. Is it added as a breath freshener? Honestly, I cannot tell you, but suspect so. Minty doesn't matter to me or my dog. 'Does it fly well through the air? Does it bounce well? Can I go find it and bring it back to my person to throw again? Can I chomp the heck out of it on my way back?' This is what matters to my dog. 'Is it easy to throw and fun to play with?' This is what matters to me. The answer is yes to all these questions.

The ball is very tough. It is soft, and so squishes nicely in the dog's mouth. The extra texture of the ball is also a mouth stimmulation bonus. We have heard of a dog being able to finally chew the blue knobbies off after a long time, but it is very well made, so this is an exception, not a rule to the product's durability. It also cleans up nicely and remains looking fresh for a long time.

Some have said the ball does not whistle. It comes with a 100% guarantee, so I would send it back. I will say, the harder you throw it, the better it whistles, but there are always some duds in the manufacturing process, which are hopefully caught before it goes to the customer....obviously not here.

Overall, this is a really good, fun ball with great perks above the plain, old fashioned version of a dog ball. If you like the look and your dog loves balls, give it a try!

Please take time to read the Basic Facts about dogs and toys:

The Basic Bite Facts: There is no ball that will hold up to every single dog out there, as no material is perfect, but this ball will hold up very well for most. The canine jaw is extremely powerful.

The exact power of the canine jaw varies with length, size and width of the jaw, and as you might imagine, also varies among individuals. Actual power also relates to age and how much that dog exercises those muscles. Additionally, bite power is reflective of individual drive (how much the dog wants to take the bite) and whether or not the dog tends to munch at the front or back of the mouth. The front of the mouth offers less leverage, and thus less power, than the back.

Averages of jaw strength were measured in a recent study on a bite sleeve between an American Pit Bull, a German Shepherd and a Rottweiler. The average bite strength was determined at 269 pounds of pressure. Having the long/widest mouth ratio, the Rottweiler topped the group with 328 pounds of bite pressure. I do not know whether the study took into account placement of the bites or whether enough individual dogs were tested to get a good average sampling of each breed, but what I do know is 269 pounds is a lot of pressure!

The Toy Truth: So, dog toy manufacturers really have their work cut out for them and many are doing a pretty good job. I know we all want those toys to last as long as possible. You can definitely see trends as to which toys last better and which don't. But the truth is, every product will be able to be destroyed by some champion chewer out there.

I have tried to present only the best made, most doggy-appealing, and most durable toys for you. And, we all know, no toy is perfect for everyone. I only hope the extra information I am providing you on each and every toy will help you make a wiser purchase and one that will be as satisfying as possible for you and your best furry friend.

Supervision is Neccessary: All toy play must be supervised with dogs, as dogs are quite amazing in their ability to shred, destroy, and swallow items, some in record time. That said, the Orbee-Tuff Whistle Ball goes down with more difficulty because of the knobby exterior. Still, all balls of palm size and smaller are able to be swallowed by dogs and thus, care should be taken with their use. You know your own dog and how much you might need to supervise their play. All puppies should be very carefully supervised.